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So, free books you say?


The ultimate guide to getting a job

This guide will walk you through how to:

  • Find a job opening
  • Create a CV/Resume that stands out
  • Prepare for the interview 
  • Tips to ace the coding challenge

You'll also get a list of questions that are commonly asked in web developer interviews!

-- Coming Soon --

Let's plan your web development journey

This book will help guide you along your web development journey. We'll look at:

  • How to define your goals
  • The languages and frameworks to learn
  • How to think like a developer
  • How to make the most of your learning
  • The best resources and tools to help you along the way

-- Coming Soon --

Learn JavaScript by creating real projects

The best way to learn JavaScript is to make real projects. That's why in this book we'll make 5 portfolio ready projects, to practice what you know and fortify your JavaScript knowledge

-- Coming Soon --

Learn React.js by building real projects

How do you use props and state? What are React hooks? You'll learn the most important React concepts by creating 5 fun, real-life projects, to take your React skills to the next level

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